Medinet Health Centre

 “Quality of life is not measured only by the absence of illness, but it should also include full psychological and physical satisfaction” WHO.

Our Centre is focussed on promoting healthy life through:

 STRESS and DE-STRESS programmes


 Treatment of PAIN

The MIND MACHINE can change your mind state by affecting your brainwaves. After responding to a continuous stimulation for 6 minutes, the brain begins to generate the same rhythm on its own. The MIND MACHINE can change your mind state by affecting your brainwaves and stimulating mind modulation, thus

Reducing stress

Increasing concentration /Focussing

Increasing energy

Enhancing creativity

Promoting sleep or deeper sleep

Achieving calm

Affecting your emotional well being

 Are you overweight or underweight? Or do you have a spotty complexion or constipation?

Eventually, a bad diet can lead to serious problems such as heart disease. A good diet helps fight diseases and makes you look and feel good.

Nutritional consultations with an individual programme can help you!

Back pain causes millions of lost working days everywhere. So do cephalea, migrene and other painful states.

Biomagnetic therapy is widely used in the treatment of pain, with reports of successful treatment in a wide variety of conditions. These include:  rheumatism, fibromyalgia, back pain, headaches, and it also brings stress reduction and energy enhancement.

We offer individually tailored solutions!

If you would like to know more about our ways of relieving stress symptoms or pain, or if you want to learn about a healthy diet, please call:

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